This mid-season twist in The Following leaves the culties telling how they want their chapters to go, Paul and Jacob showing their faces again, and Carroll calling Ryan.

Huh?  Carroll keeps asking about Weston and talking about Claire, whom we haven’t seen in a few episodes (since she went into protective custody).

Courtesy of FOX
Courtesy of FOX

One of the random new culties kills some chick in a random diner with a spear gun. That’s new. She leaves the woman’s friend with a message for Ryan, “Sometimes, love hurts”.

We learn that Carroll is sending his culties out to kill every Claire Matthews they can find.

Paul and Jacob were at Jacob’s parents vacation home, his mother comes home unexpectedly, trys to help, then tells Jacob it would be wise to leave before his father gets home.

We learn that the cultie that killed the first Claire Matthews is names Amanda, right before she kills another Claire, pushing this one out her appartment window, and almost on to a police officer. Yikes, they were ten minutes to late to save her life.

We flashback to Paul’s initiation into the cult and him trying to get Jacob to stab some girl in the trunk of the car. But we know that Jacob hasn’t killed anyone. Paul learns that now. Opps! The really freaky part of this flashback, aside from a poor harmless girl getting stabbed in the trunk of a car, is that Paul laughed his butt of the whole time he was stabbing her. That sends shivers down my spine.

Roddrick finds that Emma has been lying about Jacob and Paul, but curiously doesn’t say anything to Carroll.

Paul is going to die at the hands of Jacob, his stab wound got infected, badly. I’m not to sad, he was super creepy to begin with. He dies at the hands of his bestfriend and lost lover, the only thing emotional about this killing is that the two straight guys actually did elove each other, plus the song was pretty sad-inducing.

The last Claire to be found, gets found by both the good and the bad guys. But caught by Amanda, with a nailgun to Claire numer threes head.

The blonde from before is dead, Amanda is in jail, and Claire number three is safe.

But Joe knows where his wife is now. Dang, she can’t get away safe. Everyone is moving to D.C. though so, it should be okay.

Episode Score: 9/10. 

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