The Warriors (5-0) continue to trample their foes as they have outscored their opponents 49-4 this season, including their 9-1 victory on Saturday against Blake High School (3-5).

Evan Abramson / Oracle
Evan Abramson / Oracle

Pitching is what is keeping the Warriors the dominating team they are now thanks to the effort of senior pitcher, Nick Sucarichi who took part in his first start of the season in today’s victory. Sucarichi threw five strikeouts, only two walks, and gave up only one hit on the day. With the help of a strong defense supporting the pitching staff, the Warriors were able to limit the Yellow Jackets to less than 5 hits in the game, with only one run.  The Warriors also were able to throw in a nice double play to save the Warriors from being scored upon when they were tested with a man on first and second base and only 1 out.

“Nick [Sucarichi] had a great start to his season tonight and was a big key to tonight’s victory” said head coach John Crumbley.

“I felt really, really good and I had the best defense behind me tonight,” said Sucarichi. Everything was working for me. The backdoor was available, the curve ball was working, and my pitches were accurate and went where they were needed. I had a great offense behind me giving me the runs and support to feel comfortable out there on the field.”

Offensively, the Warriors had more than 10 steals and were able to produce over 10 hits and five walks. Players such as senior Jesse Haney, junior Mijon Cummings, junior Alex Hanson, and junior Kevin Merrel all added  the bombardment of runs that led the Warriors to their fifth win of the season.

Both Crumbley and Sucarichi identified the main obstacle to becoming an elite team is getting the team’s energy level high and a constant throughout the whole game.

“As we regressed in the game, so did our energy level and that can’t be allowed to happen,” said Crumbley.

The Warriors will go on to play district rival, Chamberlin High School (0-4) t home on Tuesday night at 7:00 pm.


Evan Abramson/Staff Writer

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