Fox’s new show The Following takes an in depth look at a massive murder spree, over the past ten years, and the cult-like following that surrounds it.

Courtesy of Fox
Courtesy of Fox

Joe Carroll, played by James Purefoy, was a literature teacher at a Virgina college campus where the murder of 14 female students took place. The murders were committed with an Edger Allen Poe ‘theme’, causing FBI agent Ryan Hardy, played by Kevin Bacon, to consult with Carroll for the duration of the case, due to Carroll’s expansive knowledge.

When it comes to light that Carroll is indeed the murderer, Hardy feels both betrayed  and like an awful detective (because he was so close to Carroll) and quits his job as an FBI agent, and writes a book on his experience of being inside a murderer’s life.

Hardy is called back to action, when Carroll makes an escape from death row. But Carroll isn’t all big bad killer. He has an ex-wife, Claire, and a son, Joey. Suddenly Joey, his nanny, Emma and the gay neighbors go missing. Thus uncovering the three are apart of the cult.

With Carroll’s cult-ish group slowly coming out of the wood works, the viewer discovers that “Emma” is a follower of Carroll’s. Following his word so closely that she looks the way she does, dates the guy she does, and works at the place she does, because Carroll told her to.

Thus Joey’s disappearance isn’t so sudden and unexpected.

The first three episode established The Following as an intense thriller, that shows the inside of a cult, the cult leader’s family, and the police’s attempts to hunt him down.

The Following airs on Fox, Monday nights at 9pm. Tune in every week for episode reviewsand commentary.

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