Junior center midfielder Blake Wilson makes a move up the towards goal. The midfielders scored the majority of the seven Warrior goals Wednesday night.
Junior center midfielder Blake Wilson makes a move towards goal. The Warriors had 17 shots in the game.

After claiming the win from Gaither (3 seed), the two seeded Warriors (14-1-3) faced the Sickles Gryphons (1 seed) in a big defensive battle for the title of district champ, but could not hold on to a lead in the second half and ended up losing 2-1.

The Warriors out shot the Gryphon’s 17-10, scoring the first goal of the game early on in the second half with a header from senior captain, Jason Collister, who retrieved the ball from a corner attempt by Michael Connell. Although many other  opportunities came for the Warriors, they just couldn’t connect. Senior Cody Lively hit the bottom of the cross bar from 30 yards in the first half, but the ball trickled out for a goal kick. Sickles keeper Ryan Cooper had 7 saves as well. Warrior  keeper, Christian Knight finished the night with 6 saves.

With some unbalanced pressure coming from a strong Sickles offense they were able to drive up the field a minute after the Warriors started the scoring.  Sickles defender, Scott Mulroe tied the game at one with a header on a free kick from 35 yards out.

The Gryphon’s offense was able to make a push late and get one in off a header from Nate Schmidt, with six minutes to play. The goal secured the 2-1 victory and a Sickles district title.

“Their was nothing we could do, we just couldn’t finish tonight,” said Warrior midfielder, Logan Siben.

The Warriors will play at Ridge Community in the regional quarterfinals.


Evan Abramson / Staff Writer

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