Just about everybody knows the story of The Wizard of Oz, of poor little Dorothy, the Wicked Witch of the West, Galinda the Good Witch and the Wizard.

But, what about the other witches? No one really knows much about them, except there’s a good one, who helps Dorothy, and a bad one who dies.

WICKEDCourtesy of tbo.com tells all. It’s almost a prelude to The Wizard of Oz, a very unexpected, totally different then you would think, prelude.

With hit songs such as “Defying Gravity” and “Popular”, the play is very catchy and light, with darker heavier parts surrounding them.

Galinda is the blonde preppy goddess of Shiz, the magical college of Oz, who hates not getting her way.

Elphaba is her complete counterpart, a quite girl who just wants to look after her sister, who is accustomed to the shocked reaction of others towards her green skin. The play generally takes place from Elphaba’s point of view, you feel her excitement of meeting the Wizard, how upset she gets over the Animal teachers, and her love for Fiyero.

With a very sweet and touching friendship that starts from ‘”loathing, unadulterated loathing” , you watch the progression of two roommates who are from two different worlds, understand each other. Giving each other gifts, like Galinda’s magic lessons, and Elphaba’s class black “witch hat”.

We find out that Elphaba has powers, and her teacher, Madame Morrible, wants her to meet the wizard because Madame Morrible knows that our sweet green Elphaba is something special.

Galinda helps Elphie (Elphaba’s nickname) out of her shell, and Elphaba helps Galinda, pretty much get her at Shiz.

The two friends both fall in the love with the same boy, Fiyero, the cool new kid on campus. Typically he would fall in love with the popular, pretty Galinda, which does happen…for a small portion of the play. He realizes his love of Elphie when they steal a lion cub from class.

The play takes you on a musical and emotional journey, you see that Elphaba is a very kind-hearted person, but because of her apperance she gets bashed, and pitched as the bad girl. While Galinda isn’t really all that nice, but follows along to see what’s in it for her.

As the drama unfolds, they tell how Elphaba gets the ‘Bad Witch’ label, and the Wizard doesn’t actually have powers. That’s why he needs Elphie.

When the Wizard slips and tells of his hatred of Animals, Elphaba refuses to help him anymore. Causing the Wizard to send out a warning to all of Oz that she is wicked.

WICKED ends with a very unexpected twist, but you’ll have to go see the play to find out what it is.

The play continues shows until Jan. 26 at the Straz Center. CAUTION: you may cry. Score: 9.5/10.

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