A two-week break from American Horror Story: Asylum was almost enough to put behind us the unsolved mysteries of Briarcliff and the fates of its victims. Along with the new year, AHS has returned with new episodes and enticing plot twists. “The Name Game” aired January 2nd, and recapped everything that has happened, reminding us of Arden’s wicked experiments—though how could we forget?—and other gruesome deaths thus far.

Perhaps to showcase the insanity of Briarcliff patients, AHS threw in a random musical number during “The Name Game.”

Last week’s episode brought the death of two significant characters: Sister Mary Eunice and Dr. Arden. Monsignor Timothy becomes desperate to rid the demon inside the former nun, and in a last attempt, shoves her over the railing of the second floor. Arden, apparently overcome with grief at the loss of his “true love”, commits suicide, cremating himself along with Sister Mary. Meanwhile, Thredson is still obsessed with Lana, who is pregnant with his son; Jude has undergone shock therapy and is now bonkers (this is particularly evident during the bizarre yet quite comical musical number randomly thrown into the middle of the show), and as for the others… well, nobody’s really sure what’s happening with them.

During Wednesday’s episode, “Spilt Milk”, at long last Lana escapes Briarcliff, with evidence against Thredson to turn him in to the police. Jude is still insane and imprisoned, but Lana promises to return for her. Flashbacks between past and present reveal that Lana’s child will end up with just as many “mommy issues” as his father. Once Lana turns Thredson in, Kit is set free, and blackmails the Monsignor into letting Grace out as well. Everything seems to be turning around: Lana has finally escaped; Kit and Grace arrive at his house and are already planning a long and fruitful marriage. And then Alma, Kit’s dead wife, appears with a baby.

This is the wife that was abducted by aliens, whom Kit had been convicted of killing. I’m not really sure where they’re trying to go with the alien bit—it’s unique, no doubt, but there’s only so much weird I can take and this just seems purely unnecessary. We won’t find out until next week how Alma is alive, or what’s to become of Jude, or what Lana will do now with her hard-earned freedom.

The next episode will feature more of this alien strangeness and also focus more on Johnny, Lana’s present-day son (also modern day Bloody Face). Only two episodes left for the asylum to reach its conclusion, and it’s hard to believe that producers will be able to fit in so much information with such little time. Hopefully fans won’t be left dissatisfied after the finale. Score: 6/10

Nataly Capote / Chief Copy Editor

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