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Collister has scored five goals this season making him a key contributor to the team that he identifies as his family. Collister has been playing soccer since he was five years old and if possible would like to go farther in his soccer career than just college.

“I have a lot of outside training during and after each school year and I have learned to apply everything I learn and do to advance my game from past seasons, club ball, and from various coaches” said Collister.

For Collister, it’s a way of life. His family has also played a good deal of soccer (younger brother Josh on the Warrior soccer team), and they all watch it on TV often.

“Jason has been on our team since freshman year and is a totally different player than he was when he was a freshman,” said Steinbrenner Head Soccer Coach, Chad Ebright, “he is much more aggressive, he is better with the ball, he sees the field better, and bottom line, all of these result in him being a better goal scorer.”

Collister’s main goal for the season is to go the farthest the team has ever gone, and play as one unified team.

“Stats are good, but I would rather play as a unified team any day” said Collister.


Evan Abramson / Staff Writer

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