When I think of Green Day, I like to remember their success with hits such as “21 Guns” and “American Idiot”. The last thing I expected from them was the release of the trilogy ¡Uno!, ¡Dos!, and ¡Tre!, which in themselves prove that even the most distinguished punk rock bands have their low points.

¡Dos! was released on Tuesday, November 13th, and kicks off with a drowsy intro preceding the fast-paced “F*** Time” and “Stop When the Red Lights Flash”. Both songs made it clear that Green Day was going for a slightly new sound, which in their case didn’t  turn out to be a good thing. Both songs had more of a garage rock-type feel and a decent beat, but became a little dizzying to listen to after the first minute.

Green Day released Dos! (the second of their trilogy) on November 13th, 2012.

“Lazy Bones” was adequate and catchy enough, but still lacked the flair that Green Day is notorious for and made previous albums so exceptional.  “Wild One”, was probably one of the worst tracks on the album. It started off sluggish and really had nothing to hold my attention, forcing me to abandon it after about thirty seconds. Billie Armstrong’s voice didn’t impact me as it has in the past; often the song centered more on instrumentals than his pure vocals. Things picked up a little with “Stray Heart”, one of the better tracks and more of what I expected from Green Day. “Lady Cobra” is comparable to being stuck in some kind of terrible sonic whirlpool, and “Nightlife” was a little uncharacteristic as it featured the incompetent rapper Lady Cobra, who did nothing more than add to the inanity of the song. Rap, evidently, is not Green Day’s strong suit. “Wow! That’s Loud” (in reference to someone’s dress rather than their music) was more of the same, with a few parts that helped save the song from being a total disappointment. “Amy” was written in memory of Amy Winehouse, and was undoubtedly chosen as the closer because it is significantly better than most of the other tracks; it’s a slow ballad that better showcases Armstrong’s vocal abilities.

In its entirety, ¡Dos! was not much of an improvement from ¡Uno! True, it isn’t the most catastrophic album in history, but because my expectations were so high for a band that gave us “Boulevard of Broken Dreams”, I anticipated a much better track list. I hope to see a better turnout with ¡Tre!, which will be out on December 11th.  Score: 5/10

Nataly Capote / Chief Copy Editor

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