Music blaring through her ear drums, junior Felicia Carbone sifts through the crowd of sweaty bodies in an attempt to capture that one perfect photograph of her favorite band. It’s a Tuesday night in Ybor, but that doesn’t matter. Unlike traditional classes, her virtual school courses don’t have due dates on assignments.

Carbone only takes four classes on campus this year, leaving her time to do her favorite things, including going to concerts.

Junior Felicia Carbone with lead singer of We The Kings, Travis Clark. Carbone gets the opportunity to photograph several concerts through Behind The Fame, a website she works for.

Carbone has gone to 22 concerts and two radio shows in her sophomore and junior years because of her small amount of time in the classroom.

“[Going to concerts] is a hobby. I can practice my photography, and I get to meet bands,” said Carbone.

Carbone also has more time to travel because she can do her classes on the go.

“I had never left the state before. I went to Tennessee and Atlanta, and in January I am going to New York,” said Carbone.

She has five upcoming concerts to attend during the first two weeks of November.

Carbone doesn’t pay for all of these shows, however. She works for Behind the Fame, a web site dedicated to concerts and music. Carbone takes pictures for the website at different events they want covered. Sometimes she is required to pay for the tickets; other times, however, the website gets them for her. The website is not yet up and running yet.

Carbone hopes that her work for the website gives her an edge in her dream of being in the entertainment business.

“I just really love music and it’s always been a part of my life and I want to continue that way. I love the writing and recording process,” said Carbone.

She hopes to work at a radio station, a recording studio or a record label- any way she can be in the technical or business side of music.

Tiffany Napoli / Graphics Editor

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