It’s time for another edition of Ask Debby. From YouTube to my fashion choices, this week’s questions inspired me to wear a new outfit, made me want to watch some CTFxC, and write a whole article on biking on sidewalks instead of streets.  

  • Dear Debby, I’m a homosexual and I don’t know how to tell my parents. How should I break it to them?
Dear friend, coming out to family and friends may be the hardest part of a young homosexuals life. It is a great thing that you have found your sexuality and accepted it.  Now it’s time to share that with others. I would tell your parents that you need to talk with them and sit down with both of them in a calm private area and explain to them how you feel and what you are going through. Since they love you, they will understand and accept you no matter what your sexuality is.
  • Dear Debby, why don’t kids use the sidewalk instead of biking in the street?
Dear observer, this is actually one of my pet peeves. While I don’t often answer questions about the idiotic actions of others, this one I needed too. To all of you bike riders who ride in the streets instead of the the sidewalks, please stay on the sidewalks, not only will it please me but it can save your life.
  • Dear Debby, do you ever dress in anything other than purple. why not rainbows?
Dear Fashionista, while my preferred choice of clothing color is purple, I do wear clothing of other colors as well. Just for you, I have changed my outfit today to reference one of my favorite YouTube channels.
  • Dear Debby, I watch a lot of YouTube videos and my friends say I have a problem….what should I do? #keyofawesome

First of all, watching a lot of YouTube videos is not a problem, it is a good thing. I personally love YouTube videos from educational videos to CTFxC, there is a wide variety of videos to watch that can benefit you and just take you away from your everyday lives and laugh or smile.

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P.S- Happy Halloween, stay safe out there!


2 thoughts on “Ask Debby: Just use sidewalks…

  1. I’m assuming the question is talking about the recent bike accident on Lutz Lake Fern, there is a bike lane there. BY LAW bike riders have to ride in that lane. The question is irrelevant anyways, drivers must always yield to bike riders.

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