Legacy contributors Leanne Clark, Jessie Vick, Eleni Gast and Julie Vick

Steinbrenner’s Christian community service club, Legacy, is conducting its first ever “Operation Christmas Child” charity fund in which students can donate and gain community service hours for each donation.

The charity was envisioned by Bob Pierce, who is best known for founding World Vision; a Christian relief and development umbrella organization aimed to aid the poor and needy, and through impassioned prayer, which Operation Christmas Child is incorporated into. The main purpose of this organization is to help anyone and everyone who needs help. There were countless acclaims of the workers from this program helping people on the side of the road, no matter where they were.

To no surprise, Legacy has adopted this charity and now students at Steinbrenner can easily participate in helping others.

The idea of OCC (Operation Christmas Child) is to fill a shoe-box with various objects like toys, school supplies, hygiene items, bagged hard candy, hair clips, T-shirts, socks, sunglasses and even a personal note. Items not allowed are things like used or damaged goods, war-related items such as toy guns, knives or military figures, chocolate or food, out-of-date candy, liquids or lotions, medicines or vitamins, breakable items or glass, and aerosol cans. All of the donations are shipped to Third World Countries as a Christmas gift.

The Leader of this service project is junior Eleni Gast, who is extremely proud to be a part of this charity drive. “This is the first year that Steinbrenner will be helping with OCC, and I’m really excited for it. I hope that kids will participate.” Gast explained. “We already have 93 shoe-boxes, and our goal is to get 100 packed and ready to ship. It seems reasonable to me, considering the amount of kids at this school.”

By getting involved, students can also earn community service hours, 2 hours for each packed shoe-box, which is a great incentive for students trying to get their community service at the last minute or finish up their remaining hours.

Students can turn in their shoe-boxes to room 215.

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