Welcome to the first edition of Ask Debby, the Steinbrenner student advice column. Today and every Friday, I will be answering your questions that you submitted. I will pick the top 3 that capture my interest each week. Let’s start with one of my personal favorites:

  • Why does it seem that many people hate the freshman even though they might have been one last year. How can one year change a person? Is it because they want to be better than someone? :/

As an upperclassman, sometimes students may feel superior even though they were once inferior as well.  One year doesn’t really change a person but they forget that they were once in that same situation as the person that they are looking down on. You just have to keep your head up and realize that one day, you will be an upperclassman as well and remember when you are an upperclassman to treat others nicely.

  • Dear Debby, my boyfriend just cheated on me with my brother and I’m a total wreck, what do I do?

First off, I want to say that I am sorry about your situation as cheating is never the reason a relationship should fail. What you should do is sit down with both your brother and your boyfriend and talk it out. Nowadays, a lot of young men and women experiment with one another. Try to stay positive and remember that even though they did this, they still love you and it is between the two of them, not you.

  • What are the secrets to life?

Dear Secret Seeker, my personal motto in life is “don’t regret anything and don’t set any limits for yourself.” If you can believe it then you can achieve it so stay strong and move forward with your dreams and don’t regret anything you do in life and set the sky as your limit.

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