The results from the MyFoxPrep Game of the Week competition.

Student Facebook and Twitter accounts were recently flooded with posts about MyFoxPrep’s game of the week competition. The competition asked “What should be the MyFoxPrep game of the week be for September 14?” Students were able to vote online for the Steinbrenner vs. Strawberry Crest game or text “PREP2” to a MyFoxPrep number three times per hour to cast their votes. This school won the competition with 50.1 percent of the vote. Steinbrenner will be thrown a “prep rally” by MyFoxPrep on Friday, Sept. 14 as a reward. The social media phenomenon that accompanied the competition was annoying, overdone, irritating- and completely necessary.

Three years ago, this school opened its doors to a great challenge. The student body came from various schools, including Sickles, Gaither, various private schools and more. Many students were bitter that they were forced to leave the early years of their high school experience behind and come to a new school. School spirit was hard to generate and a number of students tried to transfer back to their former schools.

Now, in its fourth year, this school still lacks the dedicated school spirit that more established schools have pulsing through their hallways. Football games only attract a small portion of students, clubs barely generate excitement and students watch the pep rallies with little enthusiasm. Of course, Steinbrenner has gained a bit of spirit since its conception. Nonetheless, the spirit at this school does not even compare to that of neighboring high schools.

It is for that reason that the MyFoxPrep competition was a blessing in disguise. Students were offered an incentive to promote their school. Whether students love, hate or are indifferent towards the school, they had a reason to support it. Many students—myself included—became caught up in the desire to miss a few classes in order to cheer on the football team. The result, whether conscious or not, is that many disinterested students began to feel that missing love for high school.

I experienced this myself: when I spent ten or more minutes voting online last night, all I wanted was for Steinbrenner to win. Before last night, I have always liked this school, but I was not ashamed to admit that I enjoyed pep rallies primarily because my classes were cut shorter. As I sat at my kitchen table voting, though, I felt sentimental pride that Steinbrenner was winning the competition. Based on recent social media posts, it seems that I was not the only student to experience this revelation.

This school may not be as spirited as Plant or other accomplished neighbors, but these things take time. School spirit does not miraculously grow overnight. Steinbrenner is still in its youth; it has time to blossom into the spirited institution that it shows potential of becoming. For now, though, the clogged feeds featuring MyFoxPrep is a step towards this vivacious future. Steinbrenner’s win proves that students were able to unite as a school population and show their pride.

That being said, GO WARRIORS.

Natalie Barman / Opinion Editor

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