The Warriors warm up before the game. Their win against East Bay was Steinbrenner’s first shut out of the year.

Although both principals, Brenda Grasso of Steinbrenner and Maria Gsell of East Bay, believed in their team’s chance of victory, it was Gsell who wore Steinbrenner colors on Monday after Friday’s varsity football game.

The Steinbrenner Warriors (1-1) defeated the East Bay Indians (1-1) 23-0 led by Warrior senior running back Kendall Pearcey, who had 128 receiving and rushing yards along with one touchdown.

“Against East Bay High School, we started to click as a school and things really started to come together. Our defense stepped up big and got us a couple of turnovers. And once the defense showed that we can win this, everyone else was on board and we brought home the W,” said Pearcey.

Throughout the game, junior Warrior quarterback Curtis Finch threw 95 yards while having an 80 percent completion rate. Meanwhile, on East Bay’s team, senior running back Brandon Byrd ran for 74 yards on 14 attempts.

When asked about his performance in the game, Pearcey said “I felt like it was a good performance. I mean, I’m not gonna lie, I was a little winded in the first half. Things weren’t really good in the first half. I recollected myself, got some fluids, got some potassium and I came out there and broke out that 60 yard run and felt good the rest of the game.”

Steinbrenner-0-10-0-13- 23

East Bay-0-0-0-0-0



Evan Abramson / Staff Writer

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