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Unlike the usual 187.6 rushing yards per game gained by the Steinbrenner Warriors 2011-2012 varsity football team, their -31 yards on the ground against Sickles was much lower.

The score came to 34-10 in last Saturday night’s game with Sickles overcoming the Warriors. The Warrior passing game only dropped by a matter of around 20 yards from their per-game average last season, their rushing deficit caused by seven Sickles sacks, two of them from junior Anthony Janezik and two more from senior Jared O’Donoghue. Coming off of a 4-touchdown performance, the star of last week’s preseason game, Jon-Marc Carrier, only committed to one 77-yard pass which was Steinbrenner’s only touchdown in the game.

Last year, the Gryphons prospered in throwing the ball, but passing wasn’t the priority in this particular showdown. Their rushing total came to 242 yards while their passing came to 116 yards.

“Bottom line, this makes us aware of where we are, Sickles is one heck of a football team and all the credit in the world goes over there to them,” said Warriors Head Football Coach Andres Perez-Reinaldo after the game. “They are one hell of a football team. They have a great team, and they will have a great future.”

“Our offensive line can use a little work and you know, keeping things simple. Going back to fundamentals, that’s the key,” said Perez-Reinaldo when asked how the team will improve upon these results.



Next week, the Warriors will face East Bay high school (1-0) while their rivals and previous opponents, Sickles, will face Wharton high school (1-0).

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