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Past congressmen answer students’ questions.

On Tues. Aug 28, seniors Grant Gilbert, Neda Adibi, Alex Ansel and Erin Mcnamara joined psychology teacher Beverley Jarrett for an academic seminar run by The Washington Center at the Republican National Convention. The seminar, which ran from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m., included a keynote speaker and a question and answer session with past congressmen.

“(The seminar) helped teach us what it means to be a leader of our school,” said Ansel.

Student representatives from this school were invited by Jarrett. Initially, more students were supposed to attend, but the hurricane day on Mon. Aug. 27 interfered. Other representatives from schools across the district were also present.

National Basketball Association (NBA) executive and former White House Office of Political Affairs employee Lucas Boyce was the keynote speaker at the event. Boyce described the challenges he has faced throughout life, including his addict mother and foster care. He told students how his childhood goal was to work in the White House and for the NBA, both of which he has accomplished.

After the speaker, three former Republican congressmen and one former Democratic congressman answered questions from the students. Topics they addressed included the different policies of Republicans and Democrats and the responsibilities that can with working in politics.

“Hopefully, the students got that no matter where you start, you just have to have goals,” said Jarrett. She felt that the keynote speaker was particularly interesting.

“We learned that we have to start making change in order to become the future leaders of America,” said Adibi. She said the seminar was an “incredible learning experience” and that she was glad to have had the opportunity to attend.

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