The Oracle spoke with several students about their thoughts on foreign language teacher Lamonte Hambrick’s recent arrest for drug trafficking and grand theft. Here is a sampling of their responses:


“It just doesn’t seem like Steinbrenner’s the kind of school that would have something like that happen.” -freshman Abby Chisholm





“He just seemed really cool. He would never do anything wrong…he did teach me Spanish last year and he taught really good, and you’d never think a role model would do that to you.” –sophomore Dylan Sueyras





“It kinda (stinks) that one of our teachers got arrested for something that’s kinda stupid. Who knows how many other teachers are doing things and just haven’t gotten caught yet?” -junior Wyatt Whittington



“I think stuff happens, and people do things you would never expect, and people are making such a big deal about it. All we know is an arrest. We don’t know why he did the things, we don’t know what charges are going to be done, and we don’t know if he’s gonna be proven innocent or guilty.” -senior Tom Mazzetti


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Natalie Barman / Opinion Editor

Jake Bittle / A&E Editor

6 thoughts on “Students react to Hambrick arrest

    1. i agree that he should of not done that, but thought about what the consequences were and not the instant money

  1. Even though I didn’t have him as my teacher or saw him on my way to Spanish 1 I still feel shocked at wat has happened these past few days I mean did no one at skool suspect he was acting not like himself, god sophmore gets heart transplant, teachers being arrested, relay for life event 2night only at stein high

  2. You never know how he ended up making the decisions which led to his arrest, you can’t judge someone without knowing their situation. Nevertheless, it was not the best idea the man ever had.

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