The justifications, “oh, it’s harmless,” and, “everyone is doing it,” may seem fine at first, but they could potentially lead teens into doing dangerous and even deadly things.

One of the most recent crazes is the Cinnamon Challenge. This involves a person taking a spoonful of cinnamon and attempting to swallow it, and has become a sensation both on and off the internet.

The first attempt of the challenge was in 2006. A Scandinavian YouTuber posted a video of himself in an attempt to swallow a teaspoon of cinnamon. His attempt was futile, and he spit out the cinnamon in a bucket.

Cinnamon is nearly impossible to swallow because the human mouth does not produce enough saliva to absorb it.

Junior Brody Ulrich does not understand the goal in attempting this.

“It is so stupid. I don’t see why people try to swallow it even when they know it is impossible to accomplish,” said Ulrich.

By attempting to swallow cinnamon, a person can gag immediately. Even worse, the cinnamon can get into the nose and airways when the person is coughing, and may even get into the lungs and cause inflammation. As a result, the lungs can collapse.

Another activity some teens and young adults participate in is the smoking of an essence known as “spice,” “jazz” or “potpourri”. This essence was originally used for its scent to make a house or room smell nice, depending on the scent before people started using it for its alternative use.

Anyone over the age of 18 can walk into a convenient store or a gas station and purchase the essence at the counter. It is completely legal to sell.

Although the smoke gives a lighter high than marijuana, some prefer it as it does not show up on a drug test.

Officials fear the fact that when spice enters the human body, it deteriorates parts of the brain and can give the user thoughts of suicide and other things they normally would not do.

“I think that smoking anything is bad. I have seen people do it, and I have also seen how it can change someone. No matter how fun it may seem at first, it is a negative outcome,” said sophomore Anais Almeida.

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