After a lengthy stay in the hospital and a heart transplant, sophomore Cameron Cantrell is recovering greatly. Although he has been back in the hospital a few times, and has had three biopsies (one of which showed a mild rejection) his new heart is doing well.

“I’ve been to the hospital three times. One occasion was I was running a bit of a fever and they kept me there for a couple of days and the other occasion was a fever again. The third occasion was for a bit of mild rejection treatment,” said Cantrell.

During his third trip to the hospital he was given a steroid that would help lower the rejection process. Cantrell plans to return to Steinbrenner in a few weeks to take the FCAT and permanently next fall.

In the mean time he has been doing Florida Virtual School.

“To me virtual school is this whole different concept.  I’m so used to public school, the first few weeks were hard for me but now I’m starting to get used to it.”

Savanna Peterson / Business Manager

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