Director of idea development at Invisible Children, Inc. responded to the criticisms made of the video that went viral:

Jedediah Jenkins, director of idea development for Invisible Children, called the criticism “myopic” and said the film represented a “tipping point” in that it got young people to care about an issue on the other side of the planet that doesn’t affect them.

“The film has reached a place in the global consciousness where people know who Kony is, they know his crimes,” Jenkins said. “Kids know and they respond. And then they won’t allow it to happen anymore.”

—Source: The Washington Post

6 thoughts on “UPDATE: Invisible Children, Inc. responds to KONY 2012 criticism

  1. It’s already past April 20th & I was expecting sumthin on the news about cover the night but unfortunately nothing appeared did they even do cover the night???? In my opinion I believe the KONY revolution shall not last long do 2 the fact the leader of this organization is totally mind boggled at the time & our of government is just 2 corrupt we need 2 focus on our demons like getting a new pres! b4 we solve another countries I’m not saying we shouldn’t stop Joseph Kony yes the guy needs 2 be arrested! but there’s just 2 much going on in america that needs 2 be fixed.

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