George Clooney stars in The Decendants, in theaters everywhere today.

With your bellies full of turkey and fixin’s and a wallet full of extra cash left over from that 42-inch plasma screen television set deal, why not spend an evening at the movies?

Here’s a slate of flicks that will surely make you forget about Aunt Gertrude’s mystery casserole that sent you running for the Pepto bottle, and maybe feel a little better about the next round of  ho-ho-holidays.

Star ratings are courtesy of the Internet Movie Date Base along with some Thanksgiving flair added by The Oracle.


Key: 1/5 = Fried the frozen bird

2/5 = Well … at least there’s dessert

3/5 = Cold Turkey

4/5 = Gather ’round the table!

5/5 = A dinner even your mother-in-law enjoys

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1: The first part in the final chapter in the three-part, tween-raving vampire tale. Fairy tale couple Bella (Kirsten Stewart) and Edward (Robert Pattinson) find themselves stuck with multiple issues as their relationship enters the marriage stage. Don’t hold your breath.

Rated PG – 13

Critics Corner: Cold Turkey

The Muppets: Ah yes! The wonderful Kermit the Frog returns, as does his porker partner Miss Piggy. Director James Bobin delivers a tale the young’uns (and maybe even teenagers) can enjoy.

Rated PG

Critics Corner: Gather ’round the table!


Jack and Jill: I’m still trying to figure out what’s worse than Adam Sandler in a bad comedy—oh that’s right, two of him. Sandler plays a brother—and a sister—in a Thanksgiving-based comedy that delivers silence instead of laughs faster than Dominos’ 30 minute pizza deal.

Rated PG

Critics Corner: Fried the frozen bird


Happy Feet 2: The “fin-tastic” tap-happy penguin returns for round two. Mumble has to try and convince his son Erik to dance and gets friends to join along in the process. It could possibly be the greatest animated movie of the year.

Rated PG

Critics Corner: Gather ’round the table!


The Decendants: It’s being called one of George Clooney’s best roles by critics and is predicted to be one of the best films of 2011 (though it likely won’t surpass Moneyball in my opinion). Clooney plays a husband who needs to reconnect with his two daughters after his wife suffers an injury in a boating accident. If you’re a lover of thrillers, don’t miss this one.

Rated R

Critics Corner: A dinner even your mother-in-law enjoys

The Leftovers: Arthur Christmas, Tower Heist, Puss In Boots, Hugo, J. Edgar, Immortals

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