The wait, after much anticipation and speculation, was over. Fans flocked to their local video game store to pick up their copy of Modern Warfare 3, the latest installment in the Call of Duty franchise, which in past games has made Activision absurd amounts of money. Fortunately, all this hype was due.
Upon putting the game in, I jumped right into the campaign. The storyline picks up just a mere plane ride after the cliffhanger of Modern Warfare 2. I was thrown right into a quickly brewing war with explosions taking place all over New York City. The player plays as many different characters on different sides of the conflict, as Task Force 141 chases series villain Makarov across the globe and the Russians launch a full-scale invasion of New York.

The campaign is very exhilarating, delivering a thrilling and movie-like experience. There are constant explosions and I was almost immediately hooked to the story, having known some of the characters from past games.

One very inviting feature is the new Spec Ops mode. It is a combination of both the objective missions, returning from Modern Warfare 2, and the all new survival missions. The objective missions are familiar, and weren’t that enticing in their release in Modern Warfare 2. The survival missions are different. These put two players into unending waves of different enemies. As the players go throughout the increasingly difficult waves, they earn money which can be used for weapons, equipment and kill streaks. This game mode is truly fantastic. After the disappointing Spec Ops in Modern Warfare 2, I expected the same disappointment. But, to my enjoyment, the survival mode was very exciting and fast-paced.

But even with these great game modes, the huge hook of any Call of Duty game is the multiplayer. With over a million people online, I hopped straight into the exciting (yet familiar) game play. I was met with no real surprise; it was exactly what gamers have been getting used to for the past 4 years. You are still a soldier, attempting to kill other soldiers, with other objectives thrown in. Yes, the graphics are somewhat improved, yes, there are some innovative changes, but it is still Call of Duty.

However, that doesn’t mean it isn’t a great time. There’s a reason that it sold an estimated 9.3 million copies in its opening day. Call of Duty is an all-around fun game, and this holds true for Modern Warfare 3.

And all this doesn’t mean it’s even the same game, on the whole. There are plenty of innovative changes. For a huge fan, these changes are obvious and welcomed. For the casual gamer, however, they may have a harder time recognizing these changes, and may not appreciate how the game has actually improved.

The multiplayer is fast paced, in typical Call of Duty style, but just the right amount slower than the ridiculous Modern Warfare 2. This is a godsend. All of the maps are very versatile, and I have yet to come across a gun that has made me throw my controller through a wall.

So here’s the question on many gamers’ minds: is it worth buying?

The answer is yes.

The three companies (Infinity Ward, Sledgehammer Games and Raven Software) joined forces to bring fans a fantastic game. Even the casual fan should be able to thoroughly enjoy the game. Call of Duty is Call of Duty. There’s a reason it is one of the most successful video game franchises, and the developers have once again proven they deserve that accolade. The game has only improved from its predecessors. 9/10

Brandon Mauriello / News Editor

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13 thoughts on “‘Modern Warfare 3’ defends franchise reputation

  1. I agree with this article on the points made but the point made about Modern Warefare 3 being the same as the second one is not really all that true because if it was the same, it would have the same maps and guns as the second one. I agree with the special ops being the best part of the game because it is fun and separate from the multiplayer. The points were well said and I will be visiting this website weekly to check up on new stories.

  2. I really enjoyed reading this article. It really gave a good review of the game, and would really help someone decide on whether to buy it or not. I liked when he talked about the new instalments in the game. great article

  3. I’ve play the Modern Warfare games since the very beggining and i must say this one has really captured me with its story line like you said. It’s almost like i didn’t ever want it to end. I enjoyed reaading all the background information you wrote about the game and i agree this is a must buy game. great job on the article oracle.

  4. I’ve played all the Modern Warefare games since the beggining and this one has really captured me with its story line. It’s like I didn’t want it to end. I enjoyed reading all the background information you had on the game as well and yes, this is a must get game. Great job on the article!

  5. Great job! I think you captured the great aspects of the game. I love the call of duty games and am very pleased with this one as well.

  6. Great job once again with another spectacular article. The statistics are accurate and the comments are very insightful. Making references between the previous installment and the new MW3 was quite entertaining to read. Cant wait for the next batch of articles!!!

  7. Dear oracle staff,
    Once again, congrats on the amazing job for giving another story that I loved. I know that also many other people have loved because my friends at different schools have read it and they have enjoyed it. MW3 is a great game so far and will only get better. I hope that someday I will be also on the oracle staff because right now I am a freshman in journalism 1. Great job and keep up the hard work.

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    all of my friends and i always have this conversation as a debate topic outside of school and want to see what other people say.

    Your fan and reader, Evan Abramson. 9th grade.

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