Blame the Penn State Board of Trustees.

Blame the media, the ESPNs of the world, for pulling a page out of Nancy Grace’s book and spinning a 24-hour cycle of analysis and television quarterbacks throwing up their two cents.

Blame everyone that turned a blind eye, or a deaf ear to the perverted acts by former Penn State assistant coach Joe Sandusky, in which he raped numerous teenage boys, sometimes even on the campus itself for nearly 15 years.

For the Nittany Lions, this should be a season of celebration and remembrance as JoePa would have likely stepped down at the conclusion of the season..he is 84 years old after all. But for his “alleged” findings years earlier when he found his assistant coach had witnessed Sandusky sexually molesting and raping a young boy in the shower of his locker room. Joe Paterno went to the police right? He put his own 17 grandchildren in that young boys shoes and ended the sick act forced upon that child?


He didn’t.

And that is why we are here today, on the morning of Nov. 10, 2011, a day that will forever live in imfamy in Happy Valley.

In my opinion, Paterno’s 409 all-time record leading wins will not matter after today, the nights, days, hours and years…ah yes, the years he put into the program from his hiring in the mid-sixties, will no longer matter.

If he saw the terror on the young boys face, what would he feel like?

He had to have been sickened.

But wait…the pervert Sandusky was on the Penn State campus last week.

That is why I agree with the decision to force JoePa out, however I believe it is too soon. Wait until after the season.

While his failure to report the incident(s) to the authorities is inexcusible, but his career shouldn’t end without the thought of a thorough investigation BEFORE and not AFTER he is out.

The boys didn’t ask for this, Penn State itself didn’t ask for this…or did they? Harboring a sexual offending monster for almost 15 years will forever leave a mark on the school and the program.

Enjoy early retirement Joe.

One thought on “After 46 years at Penn State, Paterno’s career will be defined by one week

  1. JoePa was a inspiration and I find it a outrage that Penn State would kick out their most valuable asset no matter what he did or didn’t do. Michael Vick abused dogs but he still plays Football. Why cant JoePa (who tried to get Sandusky punished) stay and finish coaching his final season, it’s not like he violated any little boys. 🙁

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