Throughout my years in high school, I’ve learned that no one can make me happy and that duty is solely up to myself.  The more that I would think about my future, the more I would get stressed out and upset, because it was so unknown. Over the summer, I started babysitting for a neighbor of mine, who owned a few horses. She offered to let me ride for free if I would babysit for her once a week for free. I took her up on her offer. This was one of the best decisions of my life.
Over the summer, I regained a passion for horses that I had when I was younger. It taught me that my life did not have to depend on how much money I would eventually make and have a dead end job that I would be miserable and bored with my life. I learned that if you are passionate about something, no matter what happens you will always go back to that passion.
My goal in my life now is to one, be happy and two, help others. My future used to rest in the job that I would have and how much money that I would earn. A happy person is a lot more productive than a miserable person who sits in a desk all day.
Through this experience I learned about this organization called Quantum Leap, whose goal is to use horses to help people who have some sort of disability, such as autism and paraplegics. They use certain techniques such as hippotherapy and EASE (equine assisted self-exploration). I started to volunteer there several times a week. This was one of the most rewarding experiences of my life.
This past summer has let me come into my own and follow my dreams. I believe that everyone has or will have an experience like this that will give them a dream and passion to follow.
I now work at a two different barns, Quantum Leap Farm and also a barn that I work for free to lease on one of the horses named. Sterling is a 17 year old quarter horse / throughbred mix with a dappled grey coat.
The moral of my story is that if you want something bad enough, then you should try everything and anything to suceed in it. Bartering and bargaining are great tools to use when you are unable to pay for certain things that you may need. The definition of success is attainment of wealth, position, honors, or etc. I believe that I will be successful as long as I enjoy what I do with my life and I find meaning in my actions. Find something you’re interested in and explore the options that you may have for your future.

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