High school girls often have trouble keeping up with the latest trends of the season. Here is a list of the top ten “must – haves” for Fall 2011.

  1.  Bright and natural patterns and colors.
  2. Scarves
  3. Polka Dots
  4. Frindge
  5. High waisted shorts/Jeans
  6. Skinny Belts
  7. Waves (hair)
  8. Natural Colored makeup
  9. Flower hair accessories
  10. Overlay/ Transparent shirts

These fall fashions have been spotted throughtout most high schools. They pass dresscode and they will make you look your best everyday. The bright and natural patterns will bring out your personality and if you wear the overlay/transparent shirts in crazy patterns or even solids, you’ll look great!

Scarves are a great accessory to any fall outfit. Whether it is to keep you warm from some of the fall chills or to add a splash of color, they usually come in all sizes, colors and patterns. Silk scarves that are wrapped close to the neck are big. Frindges on your shirts and frindge tassles on belts are in this season. Asscessorize a simple outfit with a frindge purse even. They come in a lot of different colors and sizes (thickness).

An uprising trend also includes polka dots. A typical black blouse with big white polka dots can be dressed up with a skirt or dressed down with some high waisted jeans or shorts. These high – waisted bottoms have been around since the late 1900’s and they are finally coming back! By tucking in a baggy t-shirt or wearing an overlay shirt with high-waisted shorts and jeans gives you a comfortable and casual but classy look. To keep your shorts and pants up, accessorize with a skinny belt. The skinny style belts are very simple and match with absolutly anything.

You can’t have a good outfit without having a great hairstyle. Girls wearing a wavy hair style never went out of style, but it is making a breakthrough. Most people, including myself, did not know how to make this fun style until I read an article on eHow.com. (The article is linked below). Adding flower barretts and other cute hair accessories can make your hair look better than ever this fall!

Article on Wavy Hair:



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