A water main located in front of the 200 hall near the bus ramp broke earlier this morning. The break forced administration to shut down all running water on the campus, including water fountains, bathrooms and sinks inside science classrooms. Assistant Principal Kelly King said the water has been turned back on and all restrooms are now re-opened. For further developments, stay with oraclenewspaper.com.

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6 thoughts on “Main breaks on campus, running water turned back on

  1. yeah that is kinda odd how it opened in 2009 and something like that has already broke. I dont use the bathroom at school but I imagine that would suck for those that do.

  2. Haha every day I go to school I never have to use the bathroom,and then what do you know, I had to use the bathroom!

  3. when everybody started to complain about not using the bathrooms i was saying “oh just suck it up”….i then had to go to the bathroom .

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