In May, The Oracle reported on a bill sent to lawmakers regarding a ban on sagging pants.
“Sagging” is widely believed to have been adopted from the United States prison system where belts were prohibited to keep prisoners from using them as weapons.
The style was later popularized by hip-hop artists in the 1990s, and from then on, it has been a popular style in Florida’s public schools and society.
Florida’s legislative body passed a bill on May 13 prohibiting males (or females) to let their pants “sag” and expose their underwear and any body parts in a “vulgar” way.
Dress code has been a big part of the Hillsborough County school system since day one.
The new law is being enforced further since society took such interest in it.
Even though the punishments in Florida’s school systems aren’t as severe [as the state law’s], they will still follow the handbook guidelines.

Gaby Morillo

6 thoughts on “Saggy Pants

  1. I cant stand when people sag there pants. ITS GROSS to see underwear and its even worse when they sag so low they touch the ground!Next time I see someone with saggy pants im going to point and yell “pants on the ground, pants on the ground. Lookin’ like a fool with yo’ pants on the ground!”

  2. So like I know that law about the sagging pants.But in a way I think people should choose if they wanna sag their pants or not.For instance, if you see a teenager boy walking down the road with his pants sagging far past down his waist watcha yaa going to think???…..he’s probably a fool and he’s going to get no where in life.I think if you wanna sag your pants that’s your problem.Good luck getting a job!

  3. “The solution is not more laws, not more activism, not more money for social programs. The solution is knowing that your life has a higher calling then going around flashing your butt because it is a fashion trend which seems to make you accepted.”

  4. “To combat this trend, several communities—from Atlanta to Charlotte to Dallas to Trenton—have enacted or proposed bans on baggy or saggy pants. These saggy-baggy laws usually mandate a modest fine, but on the extreme end, the Delcambre, Louisiana, “bare-your-britches” law comes with a fine of $500 or six months in jail for the public exposure of underwear… so it is not a single-race issue.”

  5. First off i would like to point out that there really is no reason for saggy pants in the first place. it doesn’t benefit you at all. i mean don’t you have to hold them to keep them from dropping bellow your knees (i hope that wont be the new fashion)? but i do encourage people to express themselves freely and usually that’s through clothing or music and i support that however i think the people that make laws are a little over their heads with this one. we have more people in jail and prisons now than we’ve had in the past. most of this is because of drugs and the people that are addicted to them and now they are throwing a new law out there, in my opinion just to try and control people but if the government hasn’t noticed yet, people are “sticking it to the man” and we aren’t even complete adults yet.

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