“Monster Hunter: World” is the start of something revolutionary

"Monster Hunter: World" came out for the Xbox One and PS4 on Jan. 26 and will be coming out for PC in fall of 2018 ...
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“Dragon Ball FighterZ” reaches a new level of action

"Dragon Ball FighterZ," the next game in the extremely popular "Dragonball Z" fighting franchise, takes the series back to the classic fighting game formula, introducing fast-paced combos ...
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Subnautica’s full release has breached the sea

The full Subnautica experience was finally released on Jan. 23, available to PC, XBox One, and PS4 systems. The game has been in Early Access ...
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“Star Wars Battlefront II,” disappointing it is

Following the highly anticipated but disappointing release of “Star Wars Battlefront” in 2015, “Star Wars Battlefront II” showed much promise, as demos and other press ...
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“Hotline Miami” and its impact on indie games

Since the release of "Hotline Miami" indie games have taken on a new formula for game design. This design tends to have fast-paced, top-down ultra-violence ...
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“Cuphead” has both style and substance up its sleeve

"Cuphead" is a challenging 2-D, run and gun, platformer game with a 1930s cartoon aesthetic and a focus on unique and challenging boss battles. The ...
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“Stormbound” app review

The game "Stormbound" was recently released by Kongregate, and it is a great example of simple game play with tense action. "Stormbound" is a dueling ...
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Entertainment revival brings forth mixed opinions

With the announcement of "Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus" and the recent release of "Spider Man: Homecoming"  it seems as though there is a continuous ...
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“Destiny 2” maintains same great features as original

On Sept. 6, the much anticipated sequel to Bungie's hit first person shooter game, "Destiny" was made available for Xbox One and PS4. "Destiny 2" ...
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Nintendo Switch Review

Once again, Nintendo broke the boundaries of the video game world and came out with the new gaming console, the Nintendo Switch, globally on March ...
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