SATIRE: Youthful teachers recruited as agents for anti-vaping program

It’s no secret that Steinbrenner has been taking actions recently to try and reduce the number of students that vape during school. From the poster ...
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“Best Driver” competition features Steinbrenner [SATIRE]

Steinbrenner high school drivers, mainly students and parents, have never had a more spectacular driving record. This revelation has caught the attention of Central Comedy, a ...
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Freezing winter sends Florida residents into a frenzy [satire]

A state of emergency was called earlier this week when temperatures dipped below seventy degrees, some unfortunate counties suffering temperatures hovering around the mid fifties ...
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Steinbrenner Empire Conquers Neighboring Settlement [Satire]

In the year 2009 AD a band of powerful and ruthless warriors blazed a trail to new lands, deviating from the trade route that some ...
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Tropical Storm Erika soaks all hopes and dreams [SATIRE]

It was the terrible day of August 31. Many kids had expected to miss school on that dreadful day to spend what could've been their ...
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Snow day! (SATIRE)

Good news for students! Due to an unexpected weather phenomenon, the rest of the third quarter has been cancelled. A thin layer of frost has ...
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Ebola now contracted through speech [SATIRE]

In the recent weeks, doctors all over the world have been studying the Ebola virus even more closely in order to research all the ways ...
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Prom leaves men dis-dressed [SATIRE]

Each year as prom approaches, every boy of Steinbrenner High school descends upon every Men’s Warehouse within a 10 mile radius of the school; with ...
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KFC’s New Fried Chicken Corsage Causes Delicious Escalation of Fast Food War

KFC has officially elbowed their way into the prom night market. Last week the favorite southern fast food joint released the new fried chicken corsage ...
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Selfie Olympics come to dangerous close

Since the beginning of the year, teens have been locked in a battle for the best selfie. Fed up with simple mirror shots, an entire ...
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