Why students should speak up about school issues

Everyday, the school board and individual school’s administrators make decisions that affect the lives of all of the students in Hillsborough County. Students have the right to be involved ...
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The issue with State of the Union addresses

On Jan. 30, 2018, Donald Trump had his first State of the Union address. Much like every State of the Union address for the last ...
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Perceptions of online personas compete with reality

Since the dawn of the internet, people have had the ability to communicate and share their lives with others faster than ever before. This interaction ...
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Effectiveness of pep rallies in our schools

The general aim of pep rallies is to foster school spirit, notify the student body about athletic achievements and promote class unity. These pep rallies ...
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The possibility of a new California

As of Jan. 15, 2018, parts of California have declared their independence from the large state and want to become the 51st state in America, ...
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“Best Driver” competition features Steinbrenner [SATIRE]

Steinbrenner high school drivers, mainly students and parents, have never had a more spectacular driving record. This revelation has caught the attention of Central Comedy, a ...
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Inappropriate content creeps into YouTube Kids Cartoons

Since its creation in 2005, YouTube has seen the growth and death of hundreds of internet trends, practically inventing the concept of a viral video ...
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Teachers’ effort not reflected in lack of raises

On the morning of Oct. 30, approximately 20-30 teachers from Steinbrenner and McKitrick participated in a peaceful rally at the front of the schools before ...
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Too much emphasis placed on college

In the past couple of years there has seen a sharp increase in the amount of students who enroll into colleges and universities around the ...
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The importance of free expression in literature

Literature plays an important role in student's education. It is a valuable tool for both understanding history and learning about human nature. However, there are ...
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