SATIRE: Youthful teachers recruited as agents for anti-vaping program

It’s no secret that Steinbrenner has been taking actions recently to try and reduce the number of students that vape during school. From the poster ...
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Eurocentrism in AP history classes

From the time American children begin school they are taught and tested an array of facts on George Washington, but few are able to identify ...
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America’s misdiagnosing epidemic

Since the mid-twentieth century Americans have witnessed the abuse of drugs among the American population. This phenomena is nothing new and every generation ushers in ...
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Why March For Our Lives is a huge deal for the future of American politics

Just six weeks after the tragic school shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School the March For Our Lives protests took place nationwide on Mar ...
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Oracle staff tries weeklong social media detox

In today's society many are able to call, text, and scroll to see what other people are doing, regardless if they are a world or ...
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Religious protection should not apply in the medical field

On Jan. 18, President Donald Trump announced the creation of a new branch of the US Department of Health and Human Services. The new Conscience ...
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Students and teachers agree about PDA

According to the 2017 Steinbrenner student handbook, open displays of affection are explicitly not permitted on school grounds. While the handbook mentions that students will ...
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The harm of American anti-intellectualism

Skepticism in moderation is very important when trying to separate true statements from false accusations when presented with information, but a form of skeptic extremism ...
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Students overwhelmed by rigorous courses

With the recent release of the Honor Court results in regards to GPA many students are interested in how their classmates attained such a high ...
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The aftermath of Net Neutrality

On Dec 14. the fate of Net Neutrality was put in in the hands of a five person vote, by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), ...
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