Teachers’ effort not reflected in lack of raises

On the morning of Oct. 30, approximately 20-30 teachers from Steinbrenner and McKitrick participated in a peaceful rally at the front of the schools before ...
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The importance of free expression in literature

Literature plays an important role in student's education. It is a valuable tool for both understanding history and learning about human nature. However, there are ...
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The reason why taking a knee isn’t taking a stand

The protest against black oppression by kneeling during the National Anthem has been waging in the NFL since Colin Kaepernick, quarterback for the San Francisco ...
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Hillsborough County dodges teacher raises yet again

The Hillsborough County budget has grown into somewhat of a sour topic of discussion over the past few years. Especially after the school district spent ...
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A new generation of parenting

Over the past decade, helicopter parents have pressured their children to achieve excellence by obsessively monitoring school grades and screening friends. Helicopter parenting adds stress ...
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Academic competition is not about the ego

Grades are important to all students. It determines if they will graduate, whether they can participate in extracurricular activities or not, and compares them to ...
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Effects of overcrowding in AP classes

Many Steinbrenner students have heard the population count of this year's student body and are shocked by the number. Steinbrenner has 2,441 students attending school this year. It no ...
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The need to remove Confederate monuments

There is strong dissent among Americans regarding whether or not Confederate monuments around the country should be taken down. Some believe that the monuments celebrate ...
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Confederate statues should remain

Recently, many Americans have expressed their disapproval and anger towards confederate statues around the country through many, sometimes violent, methods. Statues have been removed and ...
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The absence of courtesy busing

For many years Hillsborough County District Schools have been providing courtesy busing for students who live within a two-mile radius from their school. For the ...
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