The benefits and limitations of a block schedule

Schools throughout the United States have been rapidly picking up block schedules in the past few years. As opposed to traditional scheduling, block schedules involve […]

Tesla Cybertruck fails at existing [SATIRE]

It is a very important day for Elon Musk as he reveals his company’s newest, blockiest creation, the Tesla Cybertruck. Straight out of Minecraft, the Tesla Cybertruck is a one of a kind, electrically powered […]

Why Black History Month matters

Black History Month is upon us. During this month, Black heritage is celebrated but more work still needs to be done. The main way that schools can help this problem is allowing African American people to be […]

Frigid Florida freak out [SATIRE]

Snow and ice, frost and sleet; though not seen yet, the citizens of Florida know the threat of the cold is near. People can be seen […]

Political polarization is concerning but not irreversible

Politics, at its core, is polarizing. People associate it with conflict, argument, and frustration. It is a direct clash of opinions, while also trying to […]

“Fortnite” finale’s black hole gives the game its much-desired popularity [SATIRE]

Recently, one of the most popular online games in the world, Fortnite, was beginning to take a back seat to the sudden uprise in “Minecraft”‘s popularity. The “Fortnite” game […]

Metal straws aren’t as helpful as they seem

As metal straws continue to increase in popularity, some people are starting to question the use of them and if they’re safe for people. Some think that […]