Netflix’s “Marriage Story” is Best Picture material

Ever since Noah Baumbach’s most recent project, “Marriage Story,” debuted at the Venice Film Festival, critics have said it was the best film of 2019. […]

“Fine Line” blends genres to create a wonderland of self-discovery

Harry Styles’ sophomore album, “Fine Line,” has been long-awaited by fans and critics, and it surely did not disappoint. Blending many genres such as pop, […]

“The Politician” wins the majority vote

Netflix’s new series, “The Politician”, tackles mental health, political correctness, and economic evils with a surprising mix of drama, music, and satire, and revenge. The […]

Steinbrenner’s “Chicago” brings all that jazz

When Steinbrenner’s theater program opened for the first night of “Chicago,” family members, friends, and student body members flooded into the packed auditorium. Steinbrenner’s rendition […]

Racism continues to thrive in the fashion industry

Racist marketing, cultural appropriation, animal comparisons, and blackface are all examples of racism alive and well in today’s fashion industry. Over the past few years, […]

“Happy Death Day 2U” is repetitive in the best way possible

*This review includes spoilers* Sequels are almost always not better than the original. Many fans and casual viewers when into “Happy Death Day 2U,” with […]

People of Steinbrenner: Kiki Stegeman

Between her busy basketball schedule, her commitment to the culinary program, and her aspiration of working in engineering, senior Kiki Stegeman is a very busy […]

The Oracle’s 2019 Oscar Academy Awards picks and predictions

The 2018-2019 awards season has been one of controversy, new steps for representation, and unique perspectives. The films that are nominated for the 2019 Academy […]

Forcing college applicants to choose their major is unproductive

“You won’t know until you try.” This is a common phrase that most people have heard their parents, family, and teachers say, and college is […]

“Bohemian Rhapsody” is the queer rock biopic audiences didn’t know they needed

With the release of “Bohemian Rhapsody,” fans and critics alike were skeptical as to whether or not the biopic would do justice to the incredible […]