Asian representation in media

Asian representation has just reached its height. With the release of “To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before” and “Crazy Rich Asians,” Hollywood has gained two realistic ...
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People of Steinbrenner: Olivia Strauss

Steinbrenner is full of creative and entrepreneurial students. Olivia Strauss is the perfect example as she gears up to release her own clothing line she ...
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“Maniac” is the best Netflix show of 2018

"Maniac," the new ten episode Netflix show featuring Jonah Hill and Emma Stone, is truly one of the most well-done and immersive shows that's been ...
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Netflix users met with dissatisfaction over advertisements

Netflix is a streaming service that has been almost unanimously praised for its accessibility, convenience, and flexibility. However they recently faced a notable backlash in ...
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“Spider-Man” swings onto player’s screens

In the last decade, Marvel’s increase on many screens through movies and TV has become much more prevalent with the introduction of the Marvel Cinematic ...
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Deaths of young artists can have a profound effect on their fanbase

All fans face a time when they must say goodbye to a celebrity that they admire. However,these supporters also hope that such a time is ...
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Edison: food and drink lab restaurant review

The Edison: Food + Drink Lab restaurant presents new and innovative dishes in an industrial atmosphere that will make a person of any age feel ...
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“A Simple Favor” makes up for mediocre plot with a star-studded cast

Warning: contains spoilers Sinister and stylish, “A Simple Favor” proves to win over the audience with its enjoyable and witty plot, despite its frequently used ...
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People of Steinbrenner: Christian Aquino

For an artist, their most exemplary work can often come from pieces whose subject is something they're incredibly passionate about or hits close to home ...
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Love is in the OR

Warning: contains major spoilers. Prep the OR, and scrub in because "Grey's Anatomy" is back for Season 15 and it's the "season of love."  And ...
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