Kristen Crosby

Kristen Crosby has been the adviser of the Oracle newspaper for 6 years. She is also a district director for the Florida Scholastic Press Association and an English and AP seminar teacher at Steinbrenner High School.

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Katelyn Payne
A&E and Copy Editor

Katelyn Payne is the editor-in-chief for the Oracle Newspaper. She has been a competitive Irish dancer since age five, and enjoys cooking and playing piano, but not at the same time. She aspires to become an Aerospace Engineer and eventually master the force.

Grace Becker
News Editor

Grace Becker is the news editor for the Oracle Newspaper. She is also a member of the Steinbrenner orchestra program, and she loves macaroni. She is definitely the coolest staff member by far.

Madeleine Coreen
Co-A&E Editor and Social Media Director

Madeleine "Doreen" Coreen is the arts and entertainment editor for the Oracle newspaper. She spends most of her time on the Oracle and other forms of writing. She specializes in social media and online content. Having a passion for writing at a young age, she plans on staying in journalism her whole life.

Jordyn Dees
Co-Opinion Editor and Business Manager

Jordyn Dees is the opinion editor for the Oracle. When she's not listening to Hamilton, playing Sims, or binging Netflix shows, she adores reading and writing, with dreams to be a bestselling author when she grows up.

James "Mack" Cook
Co-Sports Editor

James Cook is the sports editor for the Oracle newspaper. James has an odd sense of style, and enjoys his signature look of Sperry boots and pastel shorts. He can name just about every "Harry Potter" character ever, and hopes to one day travel the world.

Sadie Testa-Secca
Co-News Editor

Sadie J. Testa-Secca is the managing editor for the Oracle newspaper. She has no perception of a word limit, but she very much enjoys writing in all genres. She aspires to be a published author and work at the UN.

Erix Pizano
Head of Graphics
Erix Pizano is the head of graphics for the Oracle newspaper. Honestly, he has no idea what he's doing. He's just here to draw.
Julia Peralta
Graphics Dept.
Julia Peralta is part of the graphics department for the Oracle newspaper. She's usually on task, but will get lost in thought once in awhile. She still always manages to get her work done, and she puts all her effort in whatever she's doing.
Maeve Campbell
Graphics Dept.
Maeve Campbell is a member of the graphics department for the Oracle newspaper. She frequently tells bad puns and laughs until she can't breathe. Potatoes seem to be on her mind a lot and she is always up for a snack.
Aliya Leary
Staff Writer

Aliya Leary is the business manager for the Oracle newspaper. She is also a member of the Marching Warrior Brigade. She thinks Voltaire is pretty neat. She wishes to join the United Nations Economic and Social Council.

Mitchell Miller
Staff Writer

Mitchell Miller is the copy editor for the Oracle newspaper. It was a peaceful job, until the fire nation attacked. Now he mostly just eats pretzels and laughs at memes.