Surprising Tie for The 2021 Spirit Stick

Spirit week is a wonderful way to let kids express their love for their school. It promotes positive culture, and unity with their classmates. Here, at Steinbrenner High School, spirit week is also considered “Hoco week,” or the week leading up to […]

Is the Revitalization of Tampa Bay Needed?

Tampa is home to historical monuments like the Bustillo-Diaz Cigar Factory, Ybor Square, and many others. Although, some of these landmarks are being changed and, in their place, buildings are being built used for commercial use such […]

Christmas is getting an early head start…in October

As families all around the United States begin to carve Jack-o-lanterns and fill theircornucopias, stores like Target, Walmart, and Dollar tree stock their shelves with […]

Should Students Be Allowed to Nap During Class?

In Preschool, nap time is despised and children rebel by pretending to sleep. By the time high school comes around, students are craving the ability to take a nap. Numerous studies show high […]

The Seniors Last Hurrah

It’s about that time of the year where we celebrate our cheerleaders, band, color guard and football seniors with senior night! On October 29, 2021, the whole school was welcomed to come to the gold […]

A Warrior’s Homecoming

A night that everyone dreams of. The lights, the music, the venue. The homecoming dance is surelysupposed to be a night to remember and cherish […]

Elton John’s Lockdown Sessions Are the Light at the End of the Quarantine Tunnel

Sir Elton John’s 32nd studio album, ‘The Lockdown Sessions’, was produced during the lockdown caused by the COVID-19 Pandemic and released October 22, 2021.  The album had great […]

Coldplay’s New album is a Hot Mess

The term “Music of Spheres” refers to a balance between Celestial bodies and proportions, which is ironic because the music album in its namesake was […]

Warrior Football Hypes Up the Homecoming Festivities

Steinbrenner High School’s football team played their homecoming game against Chamberlin High School on Friday, October 22nd. The game was a kick-off for the festivities, and it was a […]

Michael Myer’s Newest Slasher Proves That Halloween Kills

The newest movie in the Michael Myers’ Halloween series, “Halloween Kills” was a weak way to keep milking the series of its title instead of […]

Bath times for K-9’s

A Spa for dogs? Yep, Steinbrenner High school has exactly that. From soap suds to nail clippers the Steinbrenner FFA club takes loving care of […]

Daniel Craig Exits 007 Franchise with a Bang

James Bond is the quintessential superspy who gets the girl while sipping on shaken martinis. This does not change in the latest movie starring Daniel […]