When we scroll through Instagram or TikTok we see countless faces, some we will probably never remember. But, when a pretty face pops up, do we all stop to look, or do we all keep scrolling? Many believe that the only reason some people are famous is because of their looks and that they aren’t even talented, and it isn’t fair for others who must work harder when others don’t ‘find them attractive.’ Does an influencer’s looks really affect how much attention they get?  

There are several successful and famous influencers who have changed many people’s lives, such as Kylie Jenner, Christina Galbato, and Selena Gomez. However, the argument presented here is that they are only famous because of their looks, or for what they do? Talents that they have can include singing, makeup, or giving advice, yet even though all these can attract fans, there are some that believe talent doesn’t matter if they meet society’s beauty standards.  

People like Rebekah Lilith, a sophomore, agree with the opinion that pretty privilege does exist, and even if your talentless it can get you far. 

“Some of them can’t do anything and all they have to do is look pretty and they get stuff,” said Lilith. “Some people work super hard to get stuff, but they just have to look pretty and get all the attention.”  

On the other hand, Jacob Mante, a sophomore, believes that although it does exist, it shouldn’t be that big of a deal. 

“Pretty privilege is definitely a thing but it’s not a very prominent thing in society today. Some people have a lot of popularity even though they might not have any sort of talents but get much more famous because of their looks as well,” said Mante.  

Riley Ries, a junior, agrees with this and thinks that the fact pretty privilege is a thing is insulting to other influencers who are barely even noticed since society doesn’t consider them to be ‘attractive.’  

“I mean I’d really have to look up and search to find an influencer that is ‘ugly’ by society’s standards,” said Ries.  

Ries also comments that though pretty privilege influencers can get away with stuff that normal people wouldn’t be able to get away with and doesn’t agree with that.  

“They get better reviews, less consequences for bad things that they do, or higher chances of being hired,” said Ries.  

But Mante does side with the other argument that talent can come first, and then people notice that they are very attractive.  

“Someone like Harry Styles. In today’s day and age, anybody could become famous for anything so it’s not like you need to be a 10/10 to become popular. But good looks boost your chances depending on what you’re famous for,” said Mante. 

The opinions made here can come to one conclusion, pretty privilege does exist for a lot of influencers, but shouldn’t be made into a huge deal. Many people can become famous for just their face, and for some also their talents.   

Alivia Roach // Staff Writer 

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