There is a new ice cream shop in town. Lutz Scoops had its grand opening on Saturday, January 16th and has brought a unique store with it. Located on Dale Mabry next to Kumon, the recent establishment offers a wide variety of flavors and styles, while also presenting an enjoyable look to the shop.
Lutz Scoops offers a diverse selection of flavors. Captain’s Chocolate, Vanilla Bean, Strawberry, Cookie Dough, Cookies N’ Cream, Chocolate Peanut Butter, Pistachio, ‘C’ is for Cookie, Toasted Coconut, Superman, Mint Chip, Rainbow Sherbet, and Butter Pecan are all available year round. Red Velvet Cake, Cherry Oblivion, Creamy Praline, Pirate’s Plunder, Birthday Cake, Non-Dairy to Die For, Stellar Coffee, Spumoni, NSA Double Chocolate Chip, Butterscotch Bomb, and Chocolate Chip Special are flavors that will be rotated and switched out throughout the year. All of these can be made into milkshakes, malts, and floats as well, adding versatility to customers’ favorite flavors.

Butterscotch Bomb (pictured above) is one of the flavors that is rotated in and out throughout the year. This unique flavor has a sweet and salty taste, and is great in a milkshake, malt or a float.

Lutz Scoops doesn’t only offer ice cream products. Inside the shop, t-shirts hang on the walls as buyers approach the counter. Additionally, a wooden bench greets customers along with “Lutz Scoops” spelled out in glowing letters above. It provides a fun photo op for customers to enjoy on the way out, along with a signature landmark in the store. The Lutz Scoops social media pages highlight this, as well as featuring popular flavors in their posts.
Lutz Scoops is located in the plaza off North Dale Mabry. It is open from 2pm to 9pm on Tuesday through Sunday and are closed on Mondays. The owners of Lutz Scoops are also owners of Mascot Universe, which sells local school merchandise and uniforms. They are located across from each other, both shops now in the same plaza.
Overall, Lutz Scoops has brought a fun and delicious new ice cream brand to the local area. The broad variety of flavors combined into milkshakes, malts, and floats is a distinctive mixture that leaves all customers satisfied. It has produced a great new shop and should be a pillar of the community for years to come.

Kyle Messina // Staff Writer

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