A little less than ten months ago, the world as it’s known was taken over by a previously unknown disease. Covid-19 has controlled the lives of many, from wearing masks to using hand sanitizer multiple times throughout the day. 

Recently, companies such as Pfizer and Moderna have started to release a vaccine that is proven to be over 95% effective in fighting the Coronavirus, as mentioned by many news sources. So far, all these shots have been administered with two doses, requiring that patients wait 10 minutes after getting the vaccine to make sure an allergic reaction doesn’t happen. 

 Now that this medicine is being publicized, many people across the United States are anticipating getting their own shot- including students. But for some, this is not the case. 

“Personally, I don’t think I will take the vaccine because I usually only take necessary ones. I don’t think it should be required because a lot of people have different viewpoints on this” sophomore Carlo Turro said. 

Many people believe they won’t take the vaccine, due to how new it is. Some have also been experiencing major symptoms, including a fever, chills, tiredness and a headache. But for those who have already taken the vaccine, these symptoms have typically gone away within a couple of days. 

Because of the limited number of doses, the vaccine is being released to different groups at different phases. With the first phase, health care workers, residents at long term care facilities and those with major health conditions will have access to the vaccine. With the next phase, those such as teachers, critical workers and individuals with disabilities will be able to get their shot if they wish to do so. Finally, the third phase will allow the general public to take the vaccine. 

With the general public being in the final phase of the vaccine waves, students are most likely not going to even obtain the vaccine until Fall 2022. This means that until that point and possibly even after, students will be required to wear masks, social distance and some will stay in online school. It doesn’t seem as if it will be required for the student body to get their shot.  

 “I really think that taking it should be like the flu shot, where the vaccine is provided at school. But it should still be up to your parents to take it if not” sophomore Stirling Smith said. 

This seems to be the situation that would make all happy, including those who think it would be best to not take the vaccine. Having access to the shot but not having it be required could allow for rates to rapidly decline, while still giving people their personal freedoms. However, this might not be the most effective. 

“Personally, I think that once the vaccine has been proven to be safe and effective, it should be required for all K-12 students to take it” freshman Olivia Montgomery said. 

On this side of the argument, to be able to walk around without social distancing and face masks, all students should take the vaccine before having this opportunity. 

As of right now, the vaccine seems to be extremely safe. Though it’s important to recognize that currently the medicine is still on the first phase of being distributed. 

The truth is, having the vaccine being required takes away personal freedoms that Americans are provided with- which is part of the reason that Stirling Smith seems to get it right. The Covid-19 vaccine should be provided in all schools in the US and encouraged. However, it should not be required.

Ava Combs // Staff Writer

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