During this school year, all students have experienced a semester unlike any other. One part of Steinbrenner has chosen to take their studies virtual, while the rest of the Warriors remain in the classroom. This has created two very distinct learning environments, both of which boast differences in their everyday schedules, assignments, and communication. Each has its benefits and drawbacks in seemingly ordinary activities, and many students have formed their own beliefs about which method is better. This has led to varying opinions from kids on both sides, along with some difficulties and regret. 

This entire school year has been abnormal, but online students have found it to be even more flexible than normal.

“My favorite part of eLearning is that I get to set my own schedule for the most part. I only have one class that I actually have to be in a zoom meeting for, meaning that I have the rest of the day to spend on other tasks,” virtual student Joshua Yaker said.

Both students agreed that their choices would remain the same if told to choose between the two again. Online students tend to enjoy their virtual school, and brick and mortar students tend to enjoy attending classes in person.

“I wouldn’t change my decision, because it would be too boring and distracting doing online,” brick and mortar student Amin Hasan said.

There are some differences between the two though. Some in-person courses are different than they would be if virtual. From in-class activities to the way assignments are completed, the two learning methods differ in multiple aspects. There are a few online classes that have been thought of as easier than they would be if taught in brick and mortar.

“American Government, Legal Systems, ENC 1101, and Forensics are way easier online. These are all easier because I can do them according to my schedule, which often takes less than 47 minutes per class,” Yaker said.

While the brick and mortar students have found it similar to a normal school year, online students are experiencing a new form of testing.

“Forensics and Legal Systems tests have been the most stressful this year, only because they count for so much of the classes’ grades,” Yaker said.

Staying organized plays a big role in how well students perform during school days. This has differed in online and brick and mortar school, creating new habits for all students.

“I think in person is easier to keep track of assignments, because they enforce it harder even though online you have more time to get it together, and even though they seem to be more lenient with late work online,” Hasan said.

All of this deals with in-school activities, but the main reason kids have chosen their position deals with their opinion on safety. During a pandemic, health and safety is the priority, so choosing between the two is personal preference.

When asked about which method is safer, Hasan said “I think it would be safer to do online but I’m glad I chose brick and mortar”.

When asked the same question, Yaker responded “I would not have felt as safe with brick and mortar because there are already a lot of Covid-19 cases at Steinbrenner. If kids weren’t sanitary before Covid-19, I don’t trust them to be sanitary during it”.

This has been an odd school year in an even more peculiar time. The differences between the two types of learning available to students has produced a debate over which is superior, and while they differ greatly, every student prefers what fits their needs.

Kyle Messina // Staff Writer

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