In the midst of the pandemic this summer, all students wondered how their daily high school life would be affected. COVID-19 resulted in many modifications to everyday activities, especially those in school. Taking CDC guidelines into consideration, Steinbrenner has made some alterations in attempt to keep everybody safe.  

Several large changes have arisen in school that have affected everybody’s routines. Masks have been the biggest change, as every student is required to always have them on, unless actively eating or drinking.  

“I have no problem wearing a mask, I kind of got used to it over the summer,” sophomore Jack Behuniak said. 

Another substantial change occurred when Steinbrenner introduced their one-way hallways. They prevent students from walking opposite ways down the hall to create as little contact as possible. While many students do not prefer them, they do understand the concept.  

“I don’t always abide by the one-way hallways when I have a really close class, and while they get annoying, I get why they made them,” senior Shane French said. 

There have been several students who have been quarantined due to contact with others who contracted COVID-19. Although it is not exactly exciting to be sent home for two weeks, the safety of everyone is vital. Many have found it more troublesome to keep up with assignments while at home.  

“I have been quarantined, and it definitely was harder to keep my assignments organized,” French said.  

Some students have seen big changes to their classes as well. Hands on electives like Drivers Ed, all gym classes and Culinary have been affected by these alterations. 

“We weren’t in the kitchen right away, luckily we just got to go in, so it’s actually been a while since we’ve cooked,” Behuniak, a culinary student, said. 

All in all, this certainly has not been (and will not be) a typical school year. Many of the newly introduced regulations have resulted in even newer habits for all students. Whether it is having to take the long way to a class or wearing a mask all day, this first quarter has allowed us to begin to learn how to keep each other safe amid the pandemic. 

Kyle Messina // Staff Writer 

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