A new spicy sensation has been brought to the Dunkin’ menu in the form of a donut for this coming Halloween. This spooky item uses the infamous Ghost pepper which known for its intense heat; far beyond that of an ordinary pepper. 

The Ghost pepper is found in northeast India and looks like a regular, shriveled up pepper, however it is far from ordinary. One Ghost pepper is about 400 times hotter than Tabasco sauce, 200 times hotter than a Jalapeño, and six times hotter than the Habanero pepper. So, it’s safe to say this pepper is packed to the brim with heat. 

The extreme spice of the pepper didn’t stop Dunkin’ from turning it into a sweet sensation for their customers’ liking. The donut consists of a sweet strawberry icing topping with an infused Ghost pepper seasoning. To add even more kick, Cayenne pepper is added to the dough recipe. It’s truly the definition of sweet and spicy. 

This spicy treat smells and looks like a regular strawberry frosted donut which can be misleading. The first bite is sweet but after swallowing, the heat finely sets in. At first, the strawberry flavor distracts from the spicy, but after a few bites, it lives up to its name.  Eating the whole donut at once is incredibly hard as the heat of the Ghost pepper quickly takes over the tastebuds.  It is not as dangerously spicy as the real Ghost pepper, but customers will need a few sips of water in between bites.  

Its surprisingly enjoyable and a terrific addition to the Dunkin’ menu. It’s beyond the usual fad items most donut shops have made and is highly creative. It gives customers a challenge to embark on, adding to the entire experience of the food.  

The ghost pepper donut is only one of Dunkin’s Halloween collection, with the Spider donut and Halloween DIY donut kit. It is a fresh look on the regular sweet donuts’ customers can get from Dunkin.  

Do not underestimate this donut, it is a struggle to finish. Many customers come in looking down on this strange challenge and are met with pain. It is a powerful addition to the Halloween spirit flowing through the country now.  This fiery Ghost pepper donut will haunt its customers with its mix of delicious strawberry frosting and incredible kick. 

Kate Prentice // Staff Writer

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