Considering the recent pandemic, people all around have had to adjust in many aspects to stay safe. Wearing masks has become routine, and social distancing has become natural. Regardless, school has open back up and people’s lives are finally beginning to get back to normal. 

However, the threat of corona virus is still there, and quarantining is a constant worry for student athletes. With state championships coming up for fall sports, athletes have begun to take extra precautions- such as spacing out in classes, in an attempt to avoid of getting quarantined. Unfortunately for the varsity Steinbrenner volleyball team, this worry has become a reality. 

The JV team immediately stepped up to take their place, playing one of the most amazing games Steinbrenner has ever seen.  

“They did a really good job overcoming that adversity. They did an amazing job working together and winning for something bigger than themselves,” Senior Zoe Domini says. 

Domini was one of the quarantined varsity players, and although she was upset over getting quarantined, she said it was amazing the way the junior varsity team played. 

The JV team’s game was played against Palm Harbor University’s varsity team and the Steinbrenner team gave their all during their sets. 

Steinbrenner ended up losing the 1st set 20-25, came back to win the 2nd set 25-22, but then ended up losing again their 3rd set 23-25. However, the team overcame the loss and ended up winning the final two sets 25-22 and 15-13.  

“Every action you make affects your team and no matter what happens, you win as a team and lose as a team,” sophomore Jaslyn Jimenez said. Jiminez is a junior varsity player who plays middle and ended up getting the kill in the final set’s game point.  

Thanks to the hard work and success of the JV team, the varsity team can move on as district champions. The team is now out of quarantine and is back to playing as normal.

Ava Combs // Staff Writer

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