Steinbrenner’s Beta Club hosted an annual candy drive which benefitted Oak Park Elementary school’s teachers and students. All students were welcome to contribute to this cause and members were rewarded with Beta points, the incentive system for participating in the club, for their donations. This drive ran from the end of September through early October.  

“With the donated candy, the teachers at Oak Park are going to fill treasure boxes for their students. Since Oak Park is one of the lowest funded schools in Hillsborough County, they need our help to be able to do so,” Beta Club President Allison Bellaire said. 

The Steinbrenner’s Beta Club sponsors Oak Park in order to help provide treats along with other necessities throughout the year for the students, in addition, to helping out the teachers. This school is an Achievement School, meaning, that they require additional funding to supply resources to increase low performance levels among students. This classification is also categorized by low socioeconomic statuses and high poverty rates.  

“Oak Park has the highest homeless rate in our county and their teachers work extra hard even outside of times like these,” Beta Sponsor Angela Haskell said.  

This contribution from the Beta Club will be helping spread a little bit of joy to kids who may otherwise miss out on the celebration of Halloween. 

“We’re hoping that the candy will brighten Oak Park students’ days in these especially tough times,” Bellaire said, “Our overall goal is to help as many kids and teachers as we can.” 

Kaitlyn Estrada // Staff Writer

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