Just last month Jaclyn Capello, a guidance counselor for Steinbrenner High School, received the A+ Teacher recognition for her outstanding work helping students reach their goals and go above and beyond.  

Capello received the news shortly before an interview with a reporter from Bay News 9, so she didn’t know what to expect. Her co-worker, Eileen Charette was the one to deliver the incredible news.  

“I only found out the afternoon before the interview. Ms. Ewell told me that Bay News 9 was doing a story on COVID-19 and schools reopening, and they wanted to interview a counselor, so she gave them my name,” Capello said.  

Like any normal person, Capello was nervous about the interview but was very surprised about the exciting news she got before the interview. 

“I was nervous about doing the interview and then at the end of the day, she called me into her office to tell me that the story was actually about me and that Mrs. Charette had nominated me for A+ Teacher,” Capello said, “I was very thankful to have a heads up.” 

During the interview with Bay News 9, Capello explained how she really felt about the recognition as an A+ Teacher and the nomination by Charette.  

“I was very surprised and grateful. I don’t feel like I do any more than any of the other counselors. We all do our best to help and advocate for our students,” Capello said, “Nobody does this work for awards. The nomination was a kindness from a colleague.” 

Through her many years of teaching, Capello has learned many things about not only her students but the people who work with her and encouraging new or struggling teachers to always persevere is something else she thinks is important.   

“Find a mentor and collaborate. When I am really struggling, having someone to talk things out with is the best help,” Capello said, “The counselors are constantly working things out together!” 

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