Apple’s newest iOS update included much more than the usual bug fixes. The update, which was released on September 16, contains a new app library, the latest Memojis, advanced message options, home screen widgets, and many other brand-new features.

One of the big additions of iOS 14 is the app library, which can be found on the last page of the home screen. Similar to Android phones, the app library allows users to quickly select frequently used apps rather than scrolling through their home page.

Photo courtesy of Apple.

Another large update came to iMessage, in the form of new Memojis, replies, and the ability to pin conversations. Memojis have been around for a while, however, this update gives new and inclusive options for customizing, such as headwear, face coverings, and additional hairstyles. Memojis can be used in iMessage in place of traditional profile photos and add more fun into group chats.

Replies and mentions, an additional feature added to iMessage, lets users reply to specific people within a group chat. This helps to avoid messages getting lost in the feed and allows multiple conversations to be held at once within a group chat. Users can also mention a specific contact to notify them of an important message. Along with the theme of chat organization, the update also includes the ability to pin a conversation to the top of a user’s message dashboard.

Photo courtesy of Apple.

Of the new features, the ability to add widgets has become majorly popular among iPhone users. Apple’s widget feature allows users to add photos, a clock, notes, podcasts, maps, news, and more to their home screen to be easily accessed. They have a simple and clean design that can match almost any home screen, but some users were left wanting more.

An increasingly popular app, Widgetsmith, has allowed creative iPhone users to take the design of their home screens to new levels. From dark academia- to Club Penguin- themed home screens, users have found new and creative ways to make their phones personalized.

To learn more about how to customize your phone using widgets and the new iOS 14 update, watch this video.

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