The Steinbrenner Volleyball team has been on a roll this season moving their district ranking up to fifth overall. They have won 15 out of 22 matches played this season and secured themselves a spot in the Regional Quarter finals. Recently, the team has experienced a shift in their plans, they have been quarantined. Nothing seemed to be in their way, not even a few losses, but now their journey as a team has suddenly come to a halt. 

“This pandemic has impacted our whole program. This setback only makes us want to work harder and make sure when we come back it was like no time was lost,” Senior Chloe Rhodes said. 

The team has been putting in hours of hard work all season to earn the spot in which they’re at now. They practice daily and if they aren’t doing drills, they are competing on the court in hopes of coming out on top. 

“Mentally I focus on one game at a time, but mine and the team’s overall goal is to make it to States this year and every win counts in the long run,” Senior Rebecca Bach said. 

As the team comes out of quarantine, they have a tight window to get their focus back on the game. They have come so far this season and are not willing to give up their chance at States after being thrown off course by COVID-19. They have shown resilience and are ready to step up to the challenge as they prepare for post-season later this month.  

“Our team is very strong, not only physically but mentally. We all have goals, and we want to be able to help one another achieve them. We have been treating every day as an opportunity just so our goal of State Champions is attainable,” Rhodes said.  

Kaitlyn Estrada // Staff Writer 

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