The newest Netflix movie, “P.S. I Still Love You,” is the sequel to “To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before” and the second book in the original series of three books. The movie, instead of focusing on Lara Jean and Peter, who were the main couple in the previous film, focuses more on John Ambrose McClaren, a recipient of a love letter written by Lara Jean from the first movie.

Though John Ambrose ended up being recast from his original debut in “To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before,” where viewers saw a glimpse of who the next movie would be focusing on, fans of the series didn’t seem to mind Jordan Fisher as a replacement. His performance was certainly impressive, but unfortunately, it didn’t feel as explored as it could have been. His character ends up falling a little flat, with the script not allowing for much depth in his interactions with Lara Jean, even though Fisher’s performance was cute and, frankly, swoon-worthy.

Those who read the book before seeing the film may be disappointed in the many creative liberties that the adaptation takes. Some of the more fun elements of the novel, like a childhood tag game between the main characters, were left out. For the sake of time, John Ambrose didn’t get as much screen time as he deserved, considering how major he was to the story.

Another huge part the movie left out that the book really honed in on, was Peter’s ex-girlfriend Genevieve’s background and family life. Although not the most important thing, it helps to explain some key events that went on in the book.

The movie did, however, take the time to explore several heartwarming subplots, featuring some favorite, and not-so-favorite, side characters. Genevieve’s story is discussed more than expected; alongside Lara Jean’s father and her best friend Christine.

Although the book delves so much deeper into everyone’s lives and their pasts, the movie still covers plots that are essential to understanding the full story. By introducing John Ambrose as soon as the movie starts, but also seeing the relationship between Peter and Lara Jean, it helps to divide viewers between the two love interests. However, with discussions about Genevieve following the entire film, it creates a bit of controversy over who should belong with who.

If nothing else, the movie is romantic. Viewers will no doubt be happy with the number of swoony moments present in the sequel, whether they happen to be Team Peter or Team John. The depiction of teen love is sweet, but also appropriately flawed, with the romantic conflicts being very realistic for a high school relationship.

However, though Peter and Lara Jean’s relationship flaws were realistic, they were never fully explored. This left the movie feeling unresolved, even after the credits started rolling. The book wraps up everyone’s stories so much better than the movie did. The film itself feels short and rushed, but the storyline itself is well thought out and even though it is missing key parts from the original book, “P.S. I Still Love You” focused on what was most important when making this film: teen love.

Check out the trailer for the movie here.

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Taylor Snow // News Editor

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