The benefits and limitations of a block schedule

Schools throughout the United States have been rapidly picking up block schedules in the past few years. As opposed to traditional scheduling, block schedules involve […]

“Call of the Wild” is a great family film that is a campy version of the original novel

Following along with the trend of bringing old American classics to film, “Call of the Wild” (2020) bounded into theaters on Feb. 21, showing audiences its version of […]

National Honors Society’s Pet Drive calls warriors to donate to animals in need

In January, Steinbrenner’s National Honors Society continued their annual tradition and offered a two-week donation period for human’s four-legged friends. Kathleen Syron, Leah Wilson and Cookie Lopez, the sponsors of the club, opened Rooms 204 and Room […]

P.S. I Still Love You strays far from its original book

The newest Netflix movie, “P.S. I Still Love You,” is the sequel to “To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before” and the second book in […]

Tesla Cybertruck fails at existing [SATIRE]

It is a very important day for Elon Musk as he reveals his company’s newest, blockiest creation, the Tesla Cybertruck. Straight out of Minecraft, the Tesla Cybertruck is a one of a kind, electrically powered […]