A second lockdown would be another negative side effect of COVID-19

As other countries have entered a second lockdown due to an increase in Coronavirus cases, America may be facing the same fate in the near future. The United States succeeded European countries such […]

Christmas trees: real vs fake

In recent years, fake Christmas trees have gained immense popularity. As this occurred, the effects of the 2008 recession were seen when tree prices shot […]

Going the extra mile- Boss Cross takes on State Championships

The Steinbrenner varsity boy’s cross-country team, Boss Cross, brought home the District title in late October and is now preparing for the State Championship which is quickly approaching. This is the eleventh year Boss Cross […]

COVID –19 takes a toll on students and teachers

Nationwide COVID-19 has affected schools in unimaginable ways, for both teachers and students. The split between E- learning and in school learning was a major […]

The perfect guide to becoming a rookie activist

During this election year, opinions and values are being voiced back and forth from different perspectives. Many social media platforms have been used for politics, encouraging people to vote and to use […]

Inmates should be able to vote

With the recent 2020 U.S. presidential election, the topic of voting restrictions and suppressions has come to the forefront once again. One specific case is […]

Dunkin’ spices things up with a new Ghost pepper donut

A new spicy sensation has been brought to the Dunkin’ menu in the form of a donut for this coming Halloween. This spooky item uses the infamous Ghost pepper which known for its intense heat; far beyond […]

“We Are Who We Are” is a gritty look into teenage military life

Gritty teen shows such as “Euphoria” and “Grand Army” have been all the rage recently, but “We Are Who We Are” takes it to a whole […]