The perfect guide to becoming a rookie activist

During this election year, opinions and values are being voiced back and forth from different perspectives. Many social media platforms have been used for politics, encouraging people to vote and to use […]

Inmates should be able to vote

With the recent 2020 U.S. presidential election, the topic of voting restrictions and suppressions has come to the forefront once again. One specific case is […]

Dunkin’ spices things up with a new Ghost pepper donut

A new spicy sensation has been brought to the Dunkin’ menu in the form of a donut for this coming Halloween. This spooky item uses the infamous Ghost pepper which known for its intense heat; far beyond […]

“We Are Who We Are” is a gritty look into teenage military life

Gritty teen shows such as “Euphoria” and “Grand Army” have been all the rage recently, but “We Are Who We Are” takes it to a whole […]

Remembering the “Echo’s” of years past

Electives have always given students the creative outlets they need in order to express themselves. Though all electives attempt to do the same thing, no class allows for more creativity than Steinbrenner’s creative writing course, the Echo. Backing […]

Voting by mail should not be controversial

As election night has approached, voting by mail has been a topic of discussion amongst Democrats and Republicans. Especially with COVID-19, more absentee ballots are expected to be sent out in the 2020 election than in past elections.   Voting […]

JV Volleyball Team Steps Up for Their Team in Need

Considering the recent pandemic, people all around have had to adjust in many aspects to stay safe. Wearing masks has become routine, and social distancing […]

Social media changes the way we perceive politics

When people think of social media, their minds will probably automatically go to teenagers. There are many uses for social media, like posting picture/videos, but many teens have found that they can share their political […]

The Electoral College needs to be reviewed and reformed

With the 2020 US presidential election right around the corner, the topic of the Electoral College has been brought into relevance again, and it’s time […]

Proposed Hillsborough Count budget cuts: Will they help or harm?

Addison Davis, the superintendent of Hillsborough County Public Schools, and his team are attempting to put budget cuts into place in order to tackle the county’s financial troubles, but these cuts could come […]