Art forms collide with collaboration project

On Thursday, Oct. 21, Creative Writing teacher, John Eric Vona, and Digital Arts teacher, Kyle Wolf announced a new collaboration project that would combine the two artforms of […]

Steinbrenner student journalists take on FSPA

   Steinbrenner’s newspaper, yearbook and literary magazine participated in a district wide event, Florida Scholastic Press Association, a convention for student journalist across the Tampa […]

Steinbrenner art students take a field trip to the Tampa Museum of Arts

On Thursday Oct. 10, Kyle Wolf and Don Sizemore, two of the Arts department teachers, combined their efforts to take 50 of their students on […]

Metal straws aren’t as helpful as they seem

As metal straws continue to increase in popularity, some people are starting to question the use of them and if they’re safe for people. Some think that […]

Seeing “Zombieland: Double Tap” is a no-brainer

Ten years following the release of the original “Zombieland,” the gore-filled, action-packed sequel is finally here. Fans have been rallying for the sequel’s release since its production was […]

Tampa’s sinister and festive fall events

This year, Florida proves why it is a tourist trap once again. With the summer season finally at a close, some may expect the activity in Florida […]