Snow and ice, frost and sleet; though not seen yet, the citizens of Florida know the threat of the cold is near. People can be seen in layers of heavy jackets, suitable for the freezing temperatures of the Arctic, which according to Floridians, the temperature of Florida is fast approaching. Clothing retailers are flooded with shoppers who had forgotten to purchase their winter clothing over the summer and grocery stores just to find their water and nonperishable goods sold out.  

Florida news networks are reminding citizens to stay safe and local police stations are handing out cold weather checklists, making sure Floridians are properly prepared for the dropping temperature. Because many stores close in order to allow employees to be with their families, store owners are warned that people who moved down to Florida from the cold northern states may take advantage of their cold tolerance in order to commit robberies during this time.  

A common struggle for homeowners in Florida is the cost of heating their homes. Most Florida homes are well equipped for keeping the heat out but keeping warm is a strain on many people’s wallets. In order to keep heating costs down, some Floridians have had wood burning fireplaces installed in their homes. Now that temperatures are dropping, those who have fireplaces make an event out of the first lighting of the fireplace. Thanksgiving and Christmas style feasts are made, decorations are placed upon the mantle, and handwritten letters of thanks are thrown into the fire to thank it for its warmth.  

For the first time in three years, school has been canceled for the duration of the freeze. Parents have petitioned and appealed to their school districts in order to allow both students and teachers to stay in the safety of their warm homes. In past years, there have been incidents of heating systems failing at schools across Florida, leaving students and teachers to suffer in the cold.  

“I’m just scared the heating will go out and my child will be forced to freeze. It would be completely out of my control and I know both I and many other parents would hate to know that my baby is cold and there’s nothing I can do about it,” said an anonymous Florida mother.  

Weather reports predict temperatures to reach as low as sixty degrees Fahrenheit, so stay safe and stay warm.

Maeve Campbell // Head of Graphics

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